Mental Material: Rechanneling Animalistic Urges Through Surfing

From the time I was a hormonally-overactive teen up through high school, the term “mental material” referred to curvy and luscious ladies my friends and I would come across, be it at the beach or ball game, movies or mall. (I haven’t been to a mall in years, but admittedly, I used to be a mall rat.)

Later at night, after I scored some mental material, I would recall, in the privacy of my bedroom, what the hot girl looked like the instant our eyes gazed at each other (or if she walked by me as if I didn’t exist), and ultimately place her in scenarios (and positions) and just let my imagination run away.

This stoked my need for, let’s just say, self-gratification.

Not that there’s anything wrong with exercising sexual imagination; but the problem is this: I don’t feel good objectifying women. I want to be able to control my urges every time an attractive woman walks or skates or bikes or runs or drives by me, or for that matter, drops-in on me.

I want to be able to appreciate a woman’s beauty without automatically storing her image as future mental material. I want to trick my wiring that has me immediately sexually fantasizing about every attractive woman I see.

It’s a monumental task, but surfing has helped me break free of my needs for self-gratification and female objectification.

About four days ago, I caught a slightly-overhead left that was glassy and held up like a perfect vertical wall for over 100 yards. Halfway into the ride, I placed my left hand on the emerald and translucent wave and let my fingers do a little carving on the wave face.

I felt the silky contours of mother earth’s comforting liquid blanket, in which I wanted to be tucked in. I wanted back into mother’s womb. I wanted to stay there for a while, where time stops and everything is perfect.

On this magical backside wave, I cutback a couple times to stay in the trim. I arched slightly so I didn’t glide too far ahead. I felt like a Roman demigod on a flying chariot, sun giving me strength, surfing feeding me like a plant going through photosynthesis.

Four days later, I have recalled this ride dozens of times. This wave has become mental material. Sure, I’m still a human being and think it’s perfectly normal to experience sexual urges.

It’s perfectly normal to have Pavlovian responses to attractive women, but now, instead of expending energy fantasizing about every girl I come across, I now focus on every epic ride I can remember.

I’ve had lots of memorable rides but I can’t remember all of them. I usually recall waves I’ve recently caught, though there are still some rides I can vividly recall from the early days of my surfing life.

It’s hard to put into writing one of my first memorable rides. It’s sort of cliché to say this, but … “only a surfer knows the feeling.”

Let’s just say I feel most free when I glide on the water for many seconds, especially if the water is crystal-clear and there’s submarine life within clear-view, like it’s my personal giant aquarium.

When I come to a red light in my car, or when someone tells me a boring story I’m having trouble following, I fantasize with some surfing mental material.

I view this as a spiritual practice because it keeps me focused on something that makes me happy and connected to the ultimate creative power and source.

There are many surfers, millions maybe, who sexually self-gratify themselves on a regular basis and objectify women. I’m not judging them. But I do know that for some reason, I went through some shift in consciousness, which I feel has bettered me.

This shift has been aided a lot by surfing. I am now less a slave to my natural, predatory male-self, and more a spiritually-conscious being.

Sex itself is one of the highest spiritual acts, or at least can be, if you take away the sleazy pornography factor that has unfortunately saturated much of U.S. media.

But I have friends who even though they might have regular sex with their partners, they still need to masturbate on a regular basis, sometimes, every day … or more than once a day.

Chinese medicinal theory posits that ejaculation zaps the body’s chi, or life force. I’m not advocating total abstention from masturbation—unless you are involved in a steady sexual relationship. (If she’s the right one, there shouldn’t be a need to spill your seed on your own.)

If you zap your chi, you’re not going to have as much stamina to surf. Surfing taxes the adrenal glands. Combine that with excessive ejaculation and you’re going to have a fatigued, overburdened immune system.

I’ve made a habit, even when engaged in love making to my beloved partner, not to spill my seed all the time, especially if I’ve done a double session in overhead winter surf earlier in the day.

Surfing is honestly the biggest pleasure in my life. It’s my passion that I will always pursue. I can’t ever see myself giving it up. Nothing else brings me closer to God’s ultimate gift to humanity: fun waves.

And because of this, I choose to preserve my energy so that I may fully appreciate God’s gift.

When I was a young boy and would receive birthday and holiday gifts, I would never return one; I graciously accepted each gift (at least that’s how I remember it).

Surfing brings me in touch with my innocent, inner child. I would never turn down one of God’s gifts on account of being too zapped of energy. Lots of healthy, safe, monogamous sex is a wonderful thing, but it’s even better if you can transfer the orgasmic energy out through the top of your head—by focusing on breath work and doing the male equivalent of Kegel exercises—instead of shooting it through the midline of your body every time.

Not to say self-gratification in the sexual sense is not healthy. It is said to release toxins, and can relieve stress.

Let the sexual healing energy rise up towards and out of the crown of your head. This will make you feel recharged. It’s a lot easier said than done, but commit to the idea that withholding ejaculation will make you a more energized surfer and may ultimately transform your consciousness.

Focus on the purity of surfing and you will soon be able to store lots of surfing mental material for future use. Use surfing mental material to calm nervous tension when you’re in long lines, or at a red light or delayed at the airport.

While everyone else has anxiety written all over their faces, picture one of your memorable rides and be immune from sweating the small stuff and not worrying about situations you can’t control.

Good luck and rise above your animalistic self once in a while!


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