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Garrett McNamara Rides 90-Foot Wave…I Poop Myself on 9-footers

No matter how many times I paddle out on a bigger day, I tell myself that if someone like McNamara and other big-wave hunters can drop in on a skyscraper-high bomb, I should have no trouble paddling into an inconsequential slightly bigger than overhead wave. But fear prevents me from going out on double and […]

The Thrill of Getting Pummeled

Submitted by Tad Coffin of I’m comfortable surfing head-high waves. I’ve been in bigger surf and today was one of those days. There were sets that measured a couple-feet-overhead on some sets, and I’m not talking overhead for Tattoo from Fantasy Island; I’m talkin’ Shaq-sized behemoths. The wavelengths were longer than airport runways. Strong […]

Opening Day: First NW Swell of the Season

Opening day is here. At last the first significant NW swell of the new season. A slight SW in the mix has jacked up the waves to overhead proportions. After a long flat summer, I’m sure I’m not the only one exhilarated by the chance to finally surf waves taller than Gary Coleman. I’m nearly […]

Got Original Surf Art?

Unimaginative corporate logos will always sell, but that doesn’t mean that some surf apparel Davids can’t try to compete with the industry Goliaths. What would you rather wear? Clothes with a company name on it with a logo as bland as an Old Navy or Gap design (Hope we don’t get sued for saying that. Anyone know a good lawyer?); or would you rather wear original surf art spreading good vibes and a positive message? If you prefer the second choice and relate to the spiritual side of surfing, this website is for you.

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