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Surf Lessons: What I’ve Learned after Surfing 10 Years

After 10 years of surfing consistent, mostly beginner and intermediate level waves here in California, I think I’m good enough of a surfer to be featured in a photo spread in a surf magazine.  If only there were a publication called Average Surfer, my mediocre surf chops would be immortalized on a glossy page for […]

What Makes a Surfer?

Do you remember how many members in the House of Representatives there are? How many voting districs does your state or county have? Who is your local representative in Congress? What is the age minimum to be a U.S. Senator? How many amendments to the constitution are there? What are the first 10 amendments called? […]

Was I Predestined to Surf?

A girl from England recently contacted me. She’s studying Outdoor Education and is working on a dissertation on surfing as a form of therapy. She asked me a few questions and I responded off the cuff. It was fun to revisit the events which led me to be a dedicated surfer. Can you tell me […]

Kung Fu Surf Applications (The Tao of Surfing)

My feet are slightly wider than hip width, knees bent, inner thighs squeezing a wee bit towards each other as if I’m holding a ball between my legs. Three inches below my belly button pulled in towards the spine…this is the dan dien point in Oriental arts. Core is engaged, ready for action. Much like […]

Dorian Paskowitz: Surf Icon, My Guru

Finally, I have met my guru. He’s $50,000 in debt and calls himself “the only poor, Jewish doctor”. One of surfing history’s most famous characters, he and his wife raised nine kids—eight boys and one girl—in a cramped, spartan camper van. I finally got to spend time with my guru–Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz –after reading about […]

Surfin’ Like Fred Astaire

Even though it’s the middle of winter, today felt like a classic summer day here in Southern California. I’ve had many great sessions recently, but I feel like it’s been a while since I had such an amazing day surfing. Offshore spray, leaving behind in its wake Lucky Charms rainbows. Totally sunny today, with no […]

Mental Material: Rechanneling Animalistic Urges Through Surfing

From the time I was a hormonally-overactive teen up through high school, the term “mental material” referred to curvy and luscious ladies my friends and I would come across, be it at the beach or ball game, movies or mall. (I haven’t been to a mall in years, but admittedly, I used to be a […]

Getting Double Barreled

Jesus achieved immortality by age 32. Buddha reached enlightenment at around the same age. What have I achieved by this age? I got double barreled. Getting covered up once is a rare occurrence at the reef and beach breaks I surf here. Sure, the breaks are fun, classic, Southern California, but rarely do they pitch […]

Is Surfing Better than Sex?

Spitting salt water through the gap in my front teeth, I straddle my board waiting for my next 15-second joy ride to shore. I’m instant-replaying my last wave: a head-high mellow-roller that fools me into thinking that I’m actually a decent surfer. Cutback, off the lip, full squat tuck, backhanding the spray… I feel relaxed, […]

Hummers, Beamers and Boards

Driving north on the 101 I come to a red light. I’m a handful of cars in the queue waiting to turn on to Chesterfield. I take a quick peek at myself in the rearview mirror. Right on, I’m having an epic hair day. My mojo is fully operational. The weather is perfect. I have […]

Got Original Surf Art?

Unimaginative corporate logos will always sell, but that doesn’t mean that some surf apparel Davids can’t try to compete with the industry Goliaths. What would you rather wear? Clothes with a company name on it with a logo as bland as an Old Navy or Gap design (Hope we don’t get sued for saying that. Anyone know a good lawyer?); or would you rather wear original surf art spreading good vibes and a positive message? If you prefer the second choice and relate to the spiritual side of surfing, this website is for you.

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