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Surfing Levanto and the Ligurian Sea, in Italy

Imagine a small beach town blessed with a beautiful half-moon shaped bay with crystal-clear water, framed on each side by lush headlands with a backdrop of green wooded cliffs of olive and pine trees. The numerous hiking trails here are sometimes steep but offer stunning views of the sea at nearly 2,000 feet elevation. There’s […]

Should I Stay or Should I go now (to Ghana)?

Although I’ve been hoping to raise my spiritual awareness and cultivate a keener relationship to the God-head within, I admit that I am a surfer who puts catching waves at my local reef break paramount to anything else in my life. It’s a hedonistic, beach boy lifestyle that I am very grateful to live. Still, […]

Surfing New Zealand

I purchased a van shortly after I arrived in New Zealand: A Mitsubishi L300 1983 with over 300,000 kilometers for under two grand $US. I would come to regret my decision after I blew a head-gasket about a month later; that’s a whole other story, but for the one month I did have my van, […]

My First Pacific Island Reef Cover-up

With tropical ennui setting in, I cut my conversation short with a beautiful trio of Dublin blondes at the poolside resort bar to catch a ride to a resort surf break with an Australian bloke named Alex. He’s a cool guy from Queensland who was supposed to be working in Suva, Fiji’s capital for one year. But […]

The Surfing Homeboy: Using Zen Logic to Justify My Lack of Surf Travel

I live in paradise. Great weather; birds of paradise—both of the flora and fauna varieties; Eucalyptus trees with a sweet scent that evokes a subconscious memory from childhood; palm trees, though not indigenous to my hometown, they nonetheless make me feel like I’m living in another dimension; psychedelic bougainvillea; sea cliffs over 150-feet tall with […]

My (Non-surfing) Trip to Costa Rica

Every surfer it seems has been to Costa Rica. Everyone knows how awesome the surf can be there and what a slice of paradise it is, minus all the American influence that has infiltrated. So, with the plethora of Costa Rican surf correspondance out there, I thought, why not write a dispatch that didn’t talk […]

My First Baja (Mis)Adventure, Part 2

I’ve been told that the real Baja starts south of Ensenada. As my roommate and I drive further south, we indeed feel like we’re in an alien country. Several hours south of Ensenada, at El Rosario, the highway veers abruptly southeast towards Bahia de Los Angeles (Bay of LA). People like us heading south fuel […]

My First Baja (Mis)Adventure, Part 1

I’m not even out of my apartment complex parking lot when I realize that this roadtrip 12 hours down into Baja will be a series of mishaps. First ominous sign: I can’t untie my crusty, decade-old surf straps from my car, to my roommate’s. For some reason I feel like I’ve just drank 12 beers […]

Road Trippin’ Up the Coast

As laid back as our beach community is, sometimes you can’t help but feel that you’re a part of the rat race. The usual bland features of gentrification have sprouted in this once-sleepy beach town. Wine bars on every block,  independent cafés  demolished to make room for law offices, modest, quaint beach shack torn down […]

Got Original Surf Art?

Unimaginative corporate logos will always sell, but that doesn’t mean that some surf apparel Davids can’t try to compete with the industry Goliaths. What would you rather wear? Clothes with a company name on it with a logo as bland as an Old Navy or Gap design (Hope we don’t get sued for saying that. Anyone know a good lawyer?); or would you rather wear original surf art spreading good vibes and a positive message? If you prefer the second choice and relate to the spiritual side of surfing, this website is for you.

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