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The First Miki Dora Shove at my Homebreak

It finally happened: the Miki Dora shove, at my local, mellow-vibe break. Three, sometimes four people taking off on the same wave, something I’ve never seen here. It’s starting to get uncomfortably crowded. Seems like it happened almost overnight, just two years ago. Although the alpha-male competitiveness of several surfers paddling for the same wave […]

First Swell of the Season…May the Circus Begin

With an unimpressive fall season producing only a couple quality swells, everybody’s been chomping at the bit for the first taste of Aleutian Juice. With winter already a few weeks old and the last big swell occurring nearly half a year ago, in summer, surfers eagerly await the first overhead session in quite some time. […]

Has Surf Forecasting Ruined Surfing?

Recently a new community news website editor asked me to write a daily surf report. I live a short walk away from several bluff-top overlooks. I rarely go online and check the surf report. I can just take a two-minute walk and see what the waves are doing. I have a handy Tidelog that functions […]

Why Gidget Ruined Surfing

About five years ago at a surf festival, I met Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, a.k.a. Gidget, the diminutive female surf icon of the 1950s. Gidget’s parents fled Europe, fleeing Hitler. It’s truly amazing, then, that Gidget’s father, Frederick Kohner, hadn’t been speaking English as a first language for that long when he wrote a book about […]

Got Original Surf Art?

Unimaginative corporate logos will always sell, but that doesn’t mean that some surf apparel Davids can’t try to compete with the industry Goliaths. What would you rather wear? Clothes with a company name on it with a logo as bland as an Old Navy or Gap design (Hope we don’t get sued for saying that. Anyone know a good lawyer?); or would you rather wear original surf art spreading good vibes and a positive message? If you prefer the second choice and relate to the spiritual side of surfing, this website is for you.

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